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THE CALL TO CAMBODIA - Jerry & Wilma Mishler

Jerry gained foreign mission experience by ministering in India from 1989 - 1999 where he stayed three to four months each year. He worked alongside of an Indian pastor. Together they established 60 churches in the unreached remote areas of India. As the door to India started closing, God opened the door to Cambodia.


In fall of 2000, Jerry was walking through an over-ripe rice field in Cambodia. The Holy Spirit spoke to him saying, “This is how ripe Cambodia is that just brushing against them with the Word for God they will come in. You and your wife come full-time. I will do a quick, short Work.”


Jerry responded by asking the Holy Spirit to please confirm this with his wife, Wilma. At the same time, half-way around the world, Wilma had a vision of many Cambodian faces. She audibly heard the voice of God say, “GO!” She asked a question and again heard His voice saying, “WHAT PART OF GO DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND!” At the same time God filled her up with love for the Cambodian people.


We invite you to rejoice with us. God is touching the Cambodians through this ministry. We are touching lives and seeing lives changed by the Power of the Holy Spirit!



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